The Supporters Club AGM will be held on Saturday 6th October at 11am in the Legends Lounge, Energy Check County Ground.

Anyone can attend but only members can vote. Any points for the Agenda must be sent in writing by email or by post to be received at least 14 days in advance.

We had a busy day against Northampton, which began with our AGM. All our co-opted Committee have now been
fully accepted as Committee members.
The Committee is as follows: Chairperson – Ann Alder, Treasurer – Hannah Clinch, Secretary – Mike Dew,
Membership – Paul Plowman, Match Day Draw – Simone Dew, SAS Travel – Sally Carter and Marc Walters, other
Committee members – Mick Castle, Mark Thatcher and Lee Cole. There were no changes proposed prior to the
meeting, so no changes made and the financial report was proposed and seconded.