Swindon Town Supporters Club

Swindon Town Supporters Club

£’s for Points

Pounds for Points – 2016/17

£’s for Points Top Donations

David Johnson = £2.00
Mike McQueen = £3.00
Andy Whitaker = £3.00
Peter Scull = £4.00

Specifically introduced to support Youth development at the County Ground, with 100% of proceeds made available to the Centre of Excellence, providing financial support, for their activities.
The scheme operates with individuals, group of individuals, or a business pledging upwards of 50p per point for each point won by the first team in their league matches.

So how can you help our stars of the future?

If you would like to add your name to the list simply contact us to sign up, it only costs a minimum of 50 pence per point but you can contribute as much as you like.

Don’t worry, if we achieve 100 points – we won’t be sending you a bill for the full amount. What we will do is arrange for you to receive an invoice each month for the points earned by the team.

For example:

If you agreed to sponsor for £1 per point and we earn 12 points, we will send you an invoice for £12. We will only invoice you from the date given on your application.

You can join at any stage in the season. Names of participants are included here and within the Supporters Club match day programme page. but you may remain anonymous, if you so wish.

£’s for Points Donations so far

Keith Smith = £1.00
Shirley Hollister = £0.50p
Russell & Jenni Osman = £1.00
Mavis & Pete Knight = .50p
Paul Bartlett = £1.00
Mark J. Heyes, Building & Property Maintenance = £1.00
Brad Carter = £0.50p
Mike McQueen = £3.00
Ann Alder = £0.50p
Andy Whitaker = £3.00
Mike Dew = £1.00
Claire Elcocks = £0.50p
Dick Mattick = £1.00
David Johnson = £2.00
Miss Joan Griffiths = £1.00
Miss J. A. Green = £0.50p
Jerry Walsh = £1.00
Colin Cherrill =£0.50p
Fred Nash = £0.50p
Chris & Eileen Bailey = £1.00
Peter Scull = £4.00
Paul Plowman = £1.00
Mike & Olive Spearman = £1.00
L J & C A Cannings = £0.50p
George & William Woodley = .50p
Lucy Fisher = £0.50p
K & K Training = £1.00

TOTAL per point – £29.50 to date
We now have 42 points – which takes us to a total of  – £1239.00

A big THANK YOU to everyone who supports this fundraiser.

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For further information, contact:

Ann Alder, Supporters Club Vice-Chairperson, 163 Ermin Street, Swindon SN3 4NH   or telephone 07500788467 or Email: ann@swindontownsupportersclub.com