Swindon Town Supporters Club

Swindon Town Supporters Club

50/50 Halftime Draw

Season 2017/18

Halftime Draw – Last game winners

WYCOMBE – 1st prize No.768 – wins £367 – won by Martin Strugnell from Hurst, Berkshire
WYCOMBE – 2nd prize No.1033 – wins £40 – won by S. Dew from Faringdon

Payout remains at 50 % of the ticket sale proceeds.
For information purpose only, last season’s average cash prize paid out was approximately £626
Main cash prize – typically 45%
Second Cash Prize – typically 5%

Halftime Draw – Previous game winners

EXETER-1st prize No. 481 – wins £437 – NOT YET CLAIMED
EXETER – 2nd prize No.346 – wins £50 – NOT YET CLAIMED
CRAWLEY – 1st prize No.1101 – wins £405 won by P. Plowman from Stratton
CRAWLEY – 2nd prize No.1140 – wins £45 – not claimed
BARNET – 1st prize No.1144 – wins £414 – NOT YET CLAIMED
BARNET – 2nd prize No.883 – wins £45 – Keely Mills from Swindon
STEVENAGE – 1st prize No.869 – wins £359 – won by Mary Steele Davis from Swindon
STEVENAGE – 2nd prize No.1297 – wins £40 – not claimed yet
COVENTRY – 1st prize No.1020 – wins £320 – won by D. Cog from Swindon
COVENTRY – 2nd prize No.1177 – wins £35 – not claimed yet
CAMBRIDGE – 1st prize No.930 – wins £382 – won by K. Metcalfe from Swindon
CAMBRIDGE – 2nd prize No.843 – wins £45 – S. Moon from Faringdon
LINCOLN – 1st prize No.066 – wins £343 – won by P. Scull from Jersey
LINCOLN – 2nd prize No.1308 – wins £40 – Mr D. Williams from Didcot


The 50/50 HALFTIME draw takes place at half time at home matches. Tickets cost £1 and can be bought from ticket sellers located outside the ground, from approximately 90 minutes before kick off until just before the game starts.

For supporters who are unable to attend every, or any matches, but would like to participate in the draw, a regular payment scheme is available. Please click here to download the form and send it to STFC Supporters Club, C/O The County Ground, Swindon, Wilts. SN1 2ED with your payment. You may join at any time during the season. Using the regular payment will mean that you keep the same ticket number for each draw throughout the season and any prize will be automatically sent to you and there is no need to make a claim


We have sold over 350,000 tickets since the draw was started a number of seasons ago.
Prizes vary depending on the amount of tickets sold but over the past 5 seasons have averaged £519, with a top prize of £1150. A maximum individual payout of £2,000 applies for each match.
Updated Nov 2013

How to Claim

A committee member can be contacted after every match through the main reception at the football club or in the Legends lounge. You have up to one month after the winning ticket is drawn to claim your prize. Please see contacts below.

Although contacting immediately after the match has finished is not essential, any unclaimed prize money after the expiration of one month is normally donated to charitable causes within the community at the Supporters Club discretion and cannot be claimed by the ticket holder.

How to Subscribe

Simply complete the form below and we will contact you.

For all winning claims, not made on the day of the match, or further information please contact promoter Ann Alder on 07500 788467 or email enquiries@swindontownsupportersclub.com